April 20, 2021

Tyler “Psycho” Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough

The picture above resembles the nickname “Psycho” given to super star Tyler Hansbrough. Tyler was the recipient of a flagrant elbow/forearm to the nose yesterday by Duke guard Gerald Henderson that was ultimately deemed intentional and landed him a one game suspension. We have included the Tyler Hansbrough injury clip below in case you missed the action. Duke and Carolina is always a slug fest, but in my opinion Duke took it too far especially since the game was out of reach. Thoughts?

***Tyler Hansbrough injury clip***


  1. dexineffex says

    Watching this play live in person, from about 40 feet was quite an experience. Family & friends have said the crowd didn’t appear too loud or pissed on the CBS broadcast, but I thought the Dean Dome bout turned into the Thunder Dome. If the refs hadn’t tossed him, it could’ve broken out into chaos from the stands. Old dudes who are F500 execs were taking off their shirts and sharpening their field knives in hopes to scalp a dookie πŸ˜‰

    The biggest problem of all, UNC officials decided not to show a single replay of the event to the fans so everyone was even more hellbent. Watching it later on home, Gerald Henderson got what he deserved.

    GH just dug his own grave. Dook will get bounced by the Wolfpack in 1st round of the ACC’s and it’s all going to play on that dude’s psychie!

    Tyler will only return with a vengance leading UNC to it’s 5th national championship….I just wish that ref hadn’t jumped on him so quick b/c the real Psycho T almost stood up and openned a can of “Hansbrough gone wild”.

  2. dexineffex – i bet it was rowdy in the Dean Dome and I can imagine the fans were very upset. I really thought there was going to be a rumble but UNC did a great job of getting “Psycho T” off the court as quickly as possible.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. just a question….and sorry if this has been answered already. how in the heck did tyler get his face and beak smashed to pieces, and not lose a contact? i mean, he loses a contact if he sneezes too hard. i mean, im just askin’

  4. dexineffex says

    wolfman – good point. Have you ever considered that Tyler and his “contacts” are a ploy by the UNC coaching staff to conserve timeouts? It’s more or less sportsmanship from ‘Ol Roy so that the opposing team can catch a breath….I mean take NCSU as an example, they only have 5 players who can make a Division 1 program and I believe those 5 are in the top 10 for minutes played in the country. Sydney and Roy made a pact that if Sydney mailed in a sick note at the Dean Dome, he’d make sure Tyler had a contact or 3 fallout so that the Illegal Alien (Jamaican Grant) & Co. could catch their breaths.

    Just letting you know what I heard when I was considering a refinance of my mortgage with the Wolfpack’s best basketball player in the past 20 years…..Chris “no closing costs” Corchiani.

  5. wow, step back, untwist the panties, and take a deep breath. jeez. im simply pointing out facts. that guy has lost more contacts this season than most folks use in a lifetime. facts are facts. with that being said, why all the bs smack? truth be told, i grew up a carolina fan, will occasionally still pull for them when they aren’t playing state, and think tyler, or should we say “psycho t”, should have dropped that asshole henderson on his face before he left the court.

    just for the record, yeah, we are thin. so what. we beat your ass, and all the smack in the world won’t change the fact that all your 32 man team could do was split with a 5 man team of so-so players. as for sidney, dont worry bout him, he will get his, and he will get it in chapel hill. not smack, just facts.

  6. dexineffex says

    wulfie – that wasn’t bs smack…..simply throwing out some chatter since it’s that time of year. The Pack should be proud of the beat down they laid on us at the RBC….bout damn time, but celebrate. Now beat us 3 out of 4 and then come back to me…..kind of how we do it to ya in FOOTBALL!!

    And for the record, I grew up a State fan going to Reynolds & Finley with my Uncle….even went to Jimmy V’s camp as a 12-yr old….wound up going to UNC and fully converted. I do pull for state when they’re not playing UNC but being the sports guru I am, I love to talk smack about a rival just to get BP boiling πŸ˜‰

  7. Great back and forth guys. Thanks for the comments.

  8. dex, sounds like we got our wires crossed growing up! haha. good luck this weekend, as im sure youre wishing us the same. that is, unless we meet up, then the gloves come off. haha.

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