May 30, 2020

Michael Vick Affidavit – SportsUnderground Scoop

Click the link for the copy of *Michael Vick’s Affidavit*.

—-wolfman addition—-

mike vick is a bitch….pure and simple…..there, had to get it out. my apologies to stonecold, but this asshat didn’t deserve a whole new thread today…now tomorrow…..oh yeah


  1. Fry ’em!!

    Now lets see what Roger does now..

  2. If he is convicted Goodell might just do that Bruins1 🙂

  3. what a lowlife piece of horseshit. that motherfucker ought to burn for what he did. it makes me furious to see the descriptions of what they did to those dogs. as a matter of fact, lets soak mr. mexico with water and electrocute him. i bet before they even threw the switch he’d be screaming like a little bitch, you know, like the ones his brother used to know. or maybe they could stick his sorry ass in a lake and drown him, another form of disposal mr. asshat employed to get rid of the “non-ferocious” dogs. wait, i know, lets just pick his ass up and slam him to the ground as many times as we can before he dies. screw him. man, this really pisses me off.

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