September 29, 2020

Keith Langston Prevails

Orange County Speedway

Keith “Mississippi” Langston of Mississippi Motorsports won the 20-lap Purestock scramble this past Saturday at Orange County Speedway. Langston started outside the pole and was in first place after only one lap. Issues arose on lap 3 during a caution when Langston’s clutch broke, but he was able to overcome these problems and bring it home for victory. Langston leads the points race at this juncture in the season and should be in contention for a championship run. this year Congrats Sippi and thanks for the shout out after the race!


  1. help me out here.. Who is Keith Langston and what exactly did he do with a broken clutch? And whatever this event was.. was this OC in Cali or somewhere here in NC?
    One more thing.. was there anyone drinking beer and chewing Copenhagen at this shin dig?

  2. Long time fan says

    Keith Langston is a local Hero! He race’s weekly at Orange county speedway in Rougemont, N.C. and he also race’s at South Boston speedway in Virginia. And to answer your questions He won the race with a broken clutch. and last time I checked you don’t chew Copenhagen.

  3. LTF.. much thanks for the info. You are certainly one with mad speedway knowledge.

  4. Orange County Speedway has a lot of history. I’m surprised you weren’t familiar Bruins1.

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