October 22, 2020

Something for Romeo to Think About

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson after three starts has the worst QB rating in the entire league. Anderson and the Browns are currently 0-3 in large part due to the 43.5 QB rating and Anderson’s five interceptions. It’s still early, but the Browns season for all intent and purpose is over so shouldn’t they bring in Brady Quinn for some seasoning? I understand Anderson signed a hefty extension prior to the season, but if he isn’t getting it done then it’s time to make a change. Romeo Crennel has already announced Anderson is still the man this week, but Quinn will see more reps in practice. I feel if Anderson has a bad first half this weekend at Cincinnati then Quinn gets on the field for sure and maybe for the rest of the year.


  1. Anderson stinks, but even if you bring in Quinn the Browns still blow.

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