September 30, 2020

Burress and Ballistics Aren’t Friends

Plaxico Burress

It is being reported that Plaxico Burress will turn himself in tomorrow for illegal possession of a firearm after shooting himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub this past Friday. Seriously Plax? You shot yourself in the leg? That might be one of the most un-thug things I have ever heard dawg! This is just another turn in what has been a ridiculous season of mishaps and fines for Burress with the New York Giants. It’s a good thing the Giants are so deep because how in the world could you ever rely on such a waste of space like Plexi-glass.


  1. chrisbrown says

    Plax is whack!

  2. Carrying a gun in NY is a big no no. This could land Plaxo in the po po.

  3. Karma is a bitch

  4. Chris Gilchrist says

    I think he shot himself in the leg because he just does not want to play anymore. He never practiced he is just lazy. He got his money and wanted out. What better way then to skim your self with a bullet. Well thanks for the super bowl last year, you will not be forgotten. I am sorry; we have to continue a tradition of giving 100%, Team work and Excellence. That’s not you anymore so take care of yourself in RIKERS!!!!!

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