September 29, 2020

NCAA Football Bets of the Day – November 15th

College football picks

Texas -13.5
Notre Dame -4
Stanford +24
Ohio St -9
Arizona +6.5
Maryland +2.5
Rutgers +8.5
Florida -21.5
NC State +3.5
Nebraska -5.5

Overall Record:

NFL 89-50-4
College Football: 86-80-1
College Basketball 103-69-6
NHL 0-1
NBA 28-20
MLB 20-11


  1. How bad did UNC choke away the MD game? Good pick Stonecold.

    I’m a huge BD fan but this loss falls squarely on the coaching staff — horrible clock management & play calling down the stretch. I know this won’t be popular, but the refs completely botched the clock and took at least 35-40 seconds from us at the end of that game, just before the MD FG. An incomplete pass on 3rd & goal and the clock mysteriously goes from 2:25 down to 1:45 before that kick?? WTF!!

    Yates should’ve sniffed the field in the 2nd half and Butch got waaaay too conservative on play calling in the 4th Q — a punt from the MD 32 yrd-line with 6 minutes to play??!!??

    We let the ACC Coastal slip right through our fingers!!! TJ Yates will be going the rest of the season…..he has to.

  2. Typical Carolina fan crying about the refs. I guess it is too hard to face the facts that you have been overrated all year and losing at Maryland was basically a given.

  3. Calling for Yates after what Sexton has done this year? Unreal!

  4. U love Butchie and you hate Butchie. Carolina fans have to bitch about something it seems. You got beat. Suck it up and deal with it.

  5. war blue devils

  6. Did you guys see the game? These are valid points. I never said I hate Butch (btw). Cam Sex has been clutch coming off the pine as a 3rd string QB — we just need Yates back on the field is all (I know O’Brien would kill to have Sexton, but we’re talking about Carolina — come on guys). I’m fine with a loss b/c we got beat. Just an optimistic fan hoping for a shot at the ACC Championship and a possible Orange bowl birth in a year when it wasn’t expected — it’s painful to see 3 losses by a combined 8 pts when we controlled all 3 of those games until the final 3-4 minutes.

    Hey, I’ll be thrilled with a 9-3 record based on preseason expectations; we’re gonna wax that Wulfcrack ass this Saturday.

    Haters gonna hate……Ballers gonna ball.

    Oh yeah, does anyone here a ball bouncing on the hardwood??? Showtime!!

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