October 28, 2020

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

Phil Fulmer

* Phil Fulmer stepped down today as head coach of Tennessee after starting off this season 3-6 overall and 1-5 in the SEC. It was no more than a year ago Phillip signed a huge contract extension yet after this season his job will be done. The Volunteers definitely aren’t the same program they were 5 to 10 years ago and this shows just how cutthroat SEC fans are with their football coaches. I expect Lane Kiffin will be receiving a call very soon.

* Derek Anderson has been benched for the Browns game this Thursday against Denver. While the Browns receivers have dropped countless passes this year I still feel this move makes a lot of sense for Cleveland. Romeo Crennel knows his job is on the line and at 3-5 it’s time to make a change. Brady Quinn should fill in nicely, but let’s face it the Browns season is done for this year anyway.

* Texas at Texas Tech this past Saturday was an instant classic! I only wish all games that receive the hype that game received could come through with such flying colors.

* Allen Iverson was traded to the Pistons ftoday or Chauncey “Big Shot” Billups, Antonio McDyess and some other unknown. I respect Dumars and I think he has done a good job as the GM for the Pistons, but this move leaves me scratching my head. Billups is so clutch and has been the heart and soul of the Pistons for the last few years. Now you bring in a shooting guard in Iverson when you already have Rip Hamilton at that position? Something is about to change in Detroit Rock City and I don’t think it’s for the good.

* The Brewers picked up Mike Cameron’s $10 million dollar option today. $10 million for Cameron, seriously??? How in the blue hell does a washed up bum like Cameron still get this kind of chingy?


  1. At least with Phil stepping down he will have more time to eat now.

  2. Fullmer lasted 2 years loinger than anyone thought he would.. As far as Brady Quinn starting.. ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME ROMEO!
    WOW.. Iverson traded again.. this just shows that any team he is on will never win an NBA Title.. Now look for Chauncy to provide stability to a team that needs that 1 guy and 4 team players to mesh.. Look out for Denver in the 2nd half of the season. The Big 12 is much better to watch on Ntl TV than the Big 11 non scoring snoozers.. And dont say its because the Big 11 plays D… They never play D against the SEC or Pac 10 in the big games so enuf said.

  3. Brady Quinn will be a top 10 QB within the next year.

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