October 27, 2020

SportsUnderground.com College Basketball Top 25

We have begun our own NCAA basketball ranking system here at SportsUnderground and will update our rankings each Wednesday. There is a link for the SU.com college basketball top 25 in the top navigation so be sure to check it out weekly.


  1. UNC #1 at this point in the season? Even after UConn running the Cards? Sweet! Just glad to see Dook get completely destroyed in Little John!!

    UNC is down to 7-8 players the rest of the way now that Ginyard & Graves are joining Tyler Zeller on the sidelines for the rest of the year — gonna be a tough road to haul.

  2. C’Mon.. UNC #1? They have not proved to be what they were in Nov and Dec.. UConn seems they have the fire at this time.. and I would put Ok #2 ahead of NC…Not sure I like where you have Mich St, Xavier (although good RPI and SOS, M’Sota and Wash too high for all.
    BTW.. where is Utah St and of course Canisius?

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