October 22, 2020

What is the deal Calipari???

The whole Calipari saga began only five days ago, but it already feels like it has been going on for at least 3 months. Last Friday after Billy Gillispie was fired from Kentucky the rumors immediately started flying that Calipari and at that time Billy Donovan and Tom Izzo were the leading candidates to replace Gillispie. It wasn’t very long after those rumors that ESPN was reporting Calipari wasn’t interested in pursuing the Kentucky gig. Ok, done deal right? Now we can move on to Travis Ford or John Pelphrey as the leading candidate becuase there is no way Donovan was going down that road again and Izzo is the Don of East Lansing. Well, then on Sunday a lot of new reports started coming out that Calipari was interested in the job and had even met with Kentucky officials that Sunday. This lead to basically the crowning of Calipari as the new king of Kentucky on Monday with a reported offer of 8-years and $35 million smackeroos. Ok, done deal right? Well, it is now Tuesday and Calipari has been counter-offered by Memphis the same amount of money to stay put.

Let me help you make this decision John. You can now make the same amount of money and not have to deal with the whacko Kentucky fans who will turn on you in a heartbeat. You can stay in Conference USA and possibly not lose a conference game for the next ten years. You can build a program in Memphis that people will remember for many years to come and not have the likes of Pitino and Rupp hanging over your head. STAY IN MEMPHIS AND SAVE THE DRAMA! You won the battle by getting paid so now pull your name out of the Wildcat hat!


  1. screw calipari…i want him to win/lose in a REAL conference. he wants to be pitino? do it in a big boy league like pitino has….several times. when he realizes he can’t cut the mustard in a real conference, maybe it will take his smug, sly, underhanded act down a notch or two

  2. KY will be back to basketball prominance starting now. Look for 2-3 of his Memphis recruits all of a sudden change their mind and go to kentucky.

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