September 29, 2020

Lakers must get rid of the garbage to be the best…

The Los Angeles Lakers are said to have the best talent in the NBA, but I don’t know why people are saying this when they have stiffs like Lamar Odom, Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic on their squad. As Charles Barkley would say, “these guys are Turrrrable.” Not to belabor the point but has anyone noticed that Derrick Fisher is old and can’t even shoot anymore?

The Lakers have only 4 players averaging over 10 points per game and with Lamar averaging only 11 points while sinking free throws at a 53% clip the big 4 is about as cheap as the Clippers top talent.

Sasha whose claim to fame is shooting from behind the arc is averaging a mere 37% from downtown and sadly enough this is actually much better than his 27% shooting from inside the arc. Vujacic is averaging a total of 3 points per game with 0 assists plus no free throw attempts other than a technical foul in Game 4 which he missed.

73920313LB007_Los_Angeles_LNow lets move on to Luke Walton because this guy is tanking his father’s legacy with every game he plays. Luke is averaging a mere 3 points per game, shooting 33%, grabbing a whopping 2 boards per game, and not even getting the free throw line on average once a game.

When only 3 of your starters are averaging 10 points or more a game and the bench is not producing then it is no wonder why Kobe is taking more shots and there is dissention among the team around ball distribution.

The key to Game 5 is easy if the Lakers will rebound plus Fisher and BYNUM come to play. Can anyone wake up this immature fool? Andrew Bynum was considered at one time this year a potential All-Star until a freak accident left him hobbled for most of the second half of the season, but c’mon. He is letting Chris ‘Bird Man’ Anderson and Nene kick his butt up and down the court.

If the Lakers don’t win the rebound edge tonight then it is game over and series over. Hope you have a nice day on the golf course with Lebron boys.

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