September 23, 2020

Bring Back the Mullet

When you think of the best mullet ever rocked in the MLB do you think of anyone else before Randy Johnson comes to my mind? His mullet during his younger years will go down in history as one of the best ever by a professional athlete. Turns out Randy Johnson has also made history in another way after winning his 300th Major League game yesterday. Johnson led the Giants to a 5-1 victory after pitching six innings and only allowing

Randy Johnson one earned run against the Washington Nationals. “The Big Unit” broke on the scene in 1988 and over his 21 year career he has won five Cy Young awards, made 10 All-Star appearances, pitched a perfect game, pitched a no-hitter and won a World Series while garnering a World Series Co-MVP. I think we should all appreciate Johnson for becoming the 24th pitcher to reach 300 wins because there won’t be another athlete reaching this milestone for a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time. For all those people that think Sabathia has a chance to reach 300 please put down the crack pipe and step away.


  1. dexineffex says

    Nice Mullet Gallery! Brings back fond memories of the now-defunct — what a shame they took that site down!

    The Big Unit does have the best sports mullet b/c it looked like the cowardly lion’s mane with a dabble of Soul Glow.

    Let’s not forget the ‘Dre Fagassi mullet:

  2. That site was a trip dexineffex. The mullet on Andre is pristine!

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