September 29, 2020

La Russa Living Legend

Yesterday Tony La Russa won his 2,500th game as a MLB manager which is an astonishing mark when you really stop to think about it. There have only been two other MLB managers ever to surpass this mark and they are Hall of Famers Connie Mack with 3,731 wins and John McGraw with 2,763. La Russa in his 31st year as skipper will more than likely eclipse McGraw’s mark of 2,763 within the next three years, but I don’t see him getting to #1 because Mack managed for a whopping 51 seasons to hit the 3,731 win mark that has him in first place of all-time. I know a lot of people feel that baseball managers have the least impact on professional teams than any other leader, but when you reach a milestone like this people should really stop and take notice.

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