January 26, 2021

Sheed To Join Cavs?

Rumors are swirling around Cleveland that the Cavaliers are very interested in signing former Detroit Piston Rasheed Wallace. The seasoned veteran would reportedly get about $10 million a year for two years if he was to sign with the Cavs. Sheed was an integral part of the 2004 World Champion Detroit Pistons and has had an impressive 14-year career in the NBA. It was painfully obvious in the Eastern Conference Finals that the Cavs big men were inept when it came to stopping Dwight Howard so the acquisition of Rasheed certainly wouldn’t hurt their inside presence. Rasheed is getting up there in age, but I truly think he could bring a nice edge to the Cavaliers that they currently don’t have on the roster.


  1. Chris Bosch is the move.. not this washed up turd.. if this goes thru you will have a skinny fake foul 6’10” guy, and Center with no legs and prone to foul trouble and a 6’9″ 3 pt shooter. not a good move.

  2. It’s not like players are beating down the Cavaliers door to come play for them D2B. I agree Bosch would be an outstanding acquisition, but I think there is a better chance of Bill Walton quitting pot than Bosch signing with the Cavs.

  3. dexineffex says

    Sheed will give the Cavs a much stronger scoring option plus a trixy defender. I dont think their current bigs are doing any good for LeBron when it comes to Offense — he’s getting double & tripled teamed. An outside scoring threat from the big would help spread the floor for ‘Bron. Plus, Sheed has been there, done that. He’s close to being done — if the Cavs can develop JJ Hickson then they’ll get some energy in there.

    I’d say dump ‘Ol Joe Smith and let Sheed take his spot — assuming they have cap room. That is a night & day upgrade for Cavs.

  4. StoneColdJZ says

    Exactly my point dexineffex!

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