October 28, 2020

Nate Myles Really Had to Go

I think for most of us it’s pretty much common knowledge rugby players like to drink them some beer and party. I mean weren’t they always the ones in a run down shack at your college who were consistently throwing keg parties and getting so drunk they ran into walls or jumped off decks? Nate Myles an Australian Rugby League star definitely fits the mold of your typical rugby players albeit a bit more overboard than most. Myles has been suspended for six matches after being found drunk and naked in the hallway of a high class hotel. That is pretty bad, but the bigger problem was he decided to drop the kids off at the pool in the hallway, but there wasn’t even a pool. Yes, Myles sculpted mud right out in front of God and everyone. It seems he was sorry though based on his statement, “I am just very embarrassed and very sorry.” “I had a stomach bug and what happened was just a terrible accident.” That must have been one serious stomach bug Nate and I’m betting it is all due to the 22 shots of Patron you had that evening.

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