September 23, 2020

United Football League Destined for Success

First came the news of Dennis Green, Jim Haslett, Ted Cottrell and Jim Fassel as the head coaches for San Francisco, Orlando, New York and Las Vegas respectively of the newly formed United Football League. Then last week even bigger news was released with the signing of former Buffalo Bills quarterback JP Losman by Las Vegas instantly making him the marquee player of the UFL. I thought the Losman news was going to be the biggest scoop coming out of this league until I heard the latest earth shattering news out of the UFL. The team names have been announced and they are doozies to say the least. The San Francisco Rockfish, Orlando Tuskers, New York Sentinels and the Las Vegas Locomotives are the four founding members of this soon to be thriving professional football league. If the San Francisco Rockfish team name doesn’t put the fear of God in their competitors then I don’t know what will! Stay tuned because we have a funny feeling the next major announcement will the signing of Michael Vick to the Orlando Tuskers.


  1. when you got JP Loseman as your headliner.. how could it fail?

  2. dexineffex says

    Word on the street is that Brian Bozworth is in talks with the Oklahoma City Top Hats and Doug Flutie is considering a run with the Niagra Falls Rain Jackets.

  3. What ever happened to Joe Kapp?

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