September 28, 2020

Beasley Turns to Rehab

Michael Beasley the former number-two pick of the 2008 NBA draft by the Miami Heat has committed himself to a rehabilitation hospital. The former superstar from Kansas State was reportedly encouraged to go to rehab by representatives from the Heat due to possible psychological and substance issues. Beasley is supposed to spend some time with John Lucas a former NBA coach and player who has helped many people through substance abuse issues. This doesn’t come with much surprise after Beasley left alarming tweets recently on Twitter like, “Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!! I’m done,” and “Y do I feel like the whole world is against me…I can’t win for losin.” Beasley had a good first year with Miami after averaging almost 14 points and over 5 boards a game. Let’s hope this story turns out with a happy ending.


  1. ballbuster says

    Who would have thought that Beasley was doing drugs????? DUH! Dude was smoking dime bags at rookie camp. Hello.

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