September 29, 2020

Chan Gailey Has Been Trumped

You’re fired. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has been fired today by the Kansas City Chiefs. How in the blue HEdoublehockeysticks do you get fired after week three of the preseason? Head coach and former offensive coordinator for the Cardinals Todd Haley will be letting us know later today who will be taking over the reigns for Gailey. It would make sense for Haley to take over the role based on his experience, but being the head coach and offensive coordinator for what is assured to be a dumpster fire of a team could be a bad decision for Haley.

In other promising news from the Chefs camp it has been reported QB Matt Cassel has a sprained MCL and could miss anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Could they go 2-14 again this year?

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