September 22, 2020

Lou Holtz Has Officially Lost His Marbles

Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz has made his prediction of who will make the BCS Championship game this year and it has turned some heads to say the least. The deranged ESPN analyst informed the Los Angeles Times the Florida Gators will face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the title game. While selecting the Gators is going out on a limb about as far as predicting the sun will come up tomorrow the Irish prediction seems to be a maniacal bias more than anything else. Holtz has been so far up the Notre Dame football program’s a$$ in recent years he now has a permanent residence. We all understand Notre Dame has one of the most favorable schedules in the last few years for an Irish squad, but Aloha Bowl (which they didn’t deserve to make, but did because they are Notre Dame) to BCS title game in one year? In a separate prediction Holtz stated Elvis would sing the national anthem during the Navy/Notre Dame clash on November 7th. Have another sip of granny’s cough medicine Lou!


  1. Wha wha what??? Alzheimer’s.

  2. He probably picked EZ U to upset App State too

  3. Irish go undefeated and do make the title game. Get on the wagon.

  4. The Irish are improved, but that isn’t saying much if you consider just how bad they were last year. They lose at least 2 games this year and maybe more Louie!


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