January 26, 2021

Paulus Is a Quarterback

Many of you have already heard that Syracuse University’s new head football coach Doug Marrone announced late Monday night that former Duke point guard Greg Paulus will begin his “one and done” season at Syracuse as it’s starting quarterback.


You shouldn’t be. Really, this should come as no surprise to anyone.

I have to admit that I was not too fond of the idea when I first heard that Paulus was coming to Syracuse. And I was not sure how I felt about him getting the starting job. I think that the ‘Cuse nation is about 60%-40% on the whole deal; most are taking a wait and see attitude. That’s what several years of dismal performances will do to a fan. (I think fans are more upset by the fact that Syracuse’s AD Daryl Gross has decided to ship off 3 of its marquee games to be played at the new Meadowlands, but more on that another time.)

But no one should be surprised.

After a day of quiet reflection on the golf course today, I am now a BIG fan of this move by Syracuse and the powers that be. Call it a pure publicity event if you want, but the fact is its working. Syracuse is all over every news outlet. It was even on CNN.

It has Big East coach’s spewing out bulletin board material left and right.

– BE coach on Paulus: “Won’t be easy for him to read zones and pick up blitzes.”
– BE coach on Paulus: “Wonder how much fans in the seats have to do with this.”
– BE coach on Paulus: “I wish we were opening with Syracuse.”

This is a storied program that not more than 4 months ago needed some major upsets to even get a mention in the Podunk Times. Now Syracuse is getting play everywhere you turn.

Depending on what the team and the staff actually do with it is yet to be seen. This could turn out to be the story of the season. It won’t take long to find out as Syracuse takes on Minnesota, #8 Penn State and Northwestern in its first three games.

But at least for now Syracuse is in the spotlight and recruits all over the country are seeing it. That can’t be bad for business, especially when you are in the business of rebuilding a program.

Oh yea, and let’s not forget.

That 5th year graduate student that just took over the starting quarterback position at Syracuse… 4 years ago he could have played for Notre Dame, Miami or a host of other schools that he could have picked from. Instead he decided to play basketball for one of the premier programs run by one of the premier coaches in America.

It’s not like he’s been sitting on a porch belching for the last four years.


  1. dexineffex says

    Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, think Greg “teabag” Paulus will do OK at the Cuse. The PG runs the show and must have great vision in a high-paced b-ball offense — translates kind of well to football so I bet he’ll do OK. Like you said, the program needed some major coverage to lure recruits from the future & this has been just the trick especially the past couple of days. Only problem will be the supporting cast & if they can keep him healthy during the season; getting Terry Tated can’t be practiced or “walked-through”.


  2. Very true dex – He actually has some good skill players around him…WR-Mike Williams RB’s Antoine Baily & Delone Carter. But as has been the case for several years now…the O-line is suspect. Maybe more then ever.

    Time will tell.

  3. Let’s GO DUKE!

    I mean…Let’s GO CUSE!

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