January 23, 2021

Rich Rodriguez Gets Misty at Press Conference

Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez got quite emotional today at a press conference established to address the accusations reported by the Detroit Free Press. The University of Michigan launched an investigation yesterday after reports surfaced that former and current players said the amount of time they spent on football during the season and in the offseason greatly surpassed what is allowed by the NCAA. Check out this video to see Rodriguez deny these allegations and also get pretty choked up in the process. Things have gone very very wrong since Rodriguez arrived in Ann Arbor, but it is still early on in the scheme of things.


  1. Add this one to another of great coaching comments come behind that Michigan Football Stand

    Kevin Borseth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvo5XO1kH1c

    Lloyd Carr


  1. […] to practice more than allowed. At the press conference denying the allegations, head coach Rich Rodriguez appeared to tear up. The team finished the season with a record of 5-7 overall and a bottom-of-the-conference 1-7 in […]

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