September 29, 2020

The Wonderful World of College Football Wagering

Since college football is less than 2 weeks away it is time to discuss why many of us degenerates love the game so much.

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Today I am going to give you the best and worst bets over the last 3 years which include the Win-Lose (teams who have an over .500 record but can’t cover), the Win-Win (teams who win and cover) and then the Lose-Win teams who have horrible records, but always seem to bring home the bacon.


The SEC – yes can you believe it? The SEC is the conference in all of college football with the most teams in this category over the last 3 years.

LSU is 31-9 SU /15-20 ATS

Bama is 25-15SU/17-20 ATS

Georgia is 30-9 SU/17-16 ATS

Auburn is 25-13 SU/15-21 ATS

The Big East (West Va 31-8 SU/16-19 ATS) and ACC (Maryland 23-16 SU/15-21 ATS & Clemson 24-15 SU/ 16-20 ATS) are also players in this category, but the leader of this group comes from the WAC. Fresno State with all its, “I’ll play anyone anywhere”, bravado is 20-18 SU and a woeful 10-27 ATS.



“They are who we thought they were!” USC, Oklahoma, Florida, Utah, TCU, Oregon and Ohio State are all covering at a 60%+ clip.

The Sleepers are:

South Florida 26-13 SU/ 20-16 ATS

Rice 20-18 SU/ 23-14 ATS

Troy 24-14 SU/ 23-14 ATS

San Jose St. 20-17 SU/21-13 ATS

Ball St 24-15 SU/23-12 ATS

Central Michigan 26-15 SU/25-13 ATS

And my personal favorite – Kansas 26-12 SU/24-11 ATS.

One thing to remember is that Kansas, South Florida, and Central Michigan have had the same QB for 3 years and they are all coming back for 2009-10 season.


This is a great category. Any of you who like to bet money lines or parlays here are the teams who either kill ya or make your weekend.

Lets start with the obvious – Duke is 5-31 SU/ 17-17 ATS and temple 10-26 SU/ 20-14 ATS. A combined 15 wins over the last 3 years but a whopping 37 covers so maybe its time to take a second look at those 38 1/2 spreads.

Buffalo 15-23 SU/23-14 ATS

Mississippi 16-21 SU/ 20-12 ATS

NC St 14-23 SU/ 17-16 ATS

And then my personal and dearly beloved team – UCLA 17-21 SU/24-13 ATS. This is the team I can not wager on due to my already intense passion for them so unfortunately I have not been able to drown my game loss sorrows with a cover.

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