October 24, 2020

LeGarrette Blount Hitting Boise State Football Player Video

Senior Oregon Ducks tailback LeGarrette Blount went straight loco last night after a disappointing loss to Boise State. Blount had been crowing all summer that the Ducks were going to roll into Boise and destroy the Broncos, but Boise State didn’t cave in. Boise won a defensive battle 19-8 and after the game linbacker Byron Hout from Boise asked Blount how he liked that a$$ whooping. Blount almost instantaneously sucker punched Hout and then went absolutely bonker on Boise fans as well. There hasn’t been any word from the Oregon football program, but this incident has given them a huge black eye. Look for Blount to get a multi-game suspension if he isn’t thrown off the team for good!

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