September 29, 2020

Erin Andrews Stalker Shows His Face

The man accused of stalking and videotaping the stunning Erin Andrews has been ordered by a federal judge to stay off the internet, home confinement except for work, and to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. Michael David Barrett is the name of the man accused of following Erin Andrews to cities like Nashville and Milwaukee and illegally recording several minutes of the female ESPN sideline reporter in her hotel room in nothing but her birthday suit. Barrett is a divorced insurance salesman who went through a lot of work to tape Andrews by requesting rooms beside her and then using a hacksaw to alter her room’s peephole and then placing a camera in the peephole to record Miss Andrews. So far an ankle bracelet and home confinement seems pretty light, but I got a feeling this peeping Tom will get the book thrown at him based on the exposure this case has received.


  1. what a sick screw

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