November 24, 2020

Top 10 Reasons Dan Snyder Sux as an NFL Owner

The Washington Redskins organization is in shambles these days when you consider everything going on, but in all reality is has been bad for quite some time. Dan Snyder doesn’t have a clue on how to run a team yet he continues to meddle in all aspects of the Skins. Here is our top ten list of why Dan Snyder is a joke as a NFL owner.

Looks up to Al Davis, figuratively and literally.

The $55 million dollar contract inked with DeAngelo Hall.

Thinks the draft is a waste of time because you can always throw away millions of dollars in free agency.

He thinks someone who was recently calling bingo games would make an excellent coach to call plays for the team.

Six coaches in ten years.

Uses a Ouija board to make personnel decisions.

Thinks the garden gnome from Travelocity would make a great pulling guard.

Albert Haynesworth’s $100 million contract.

69-84 since the 2000 season.

Is convinced Usain Bolt is the Jamaican Jerry Rice.


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