September 27, 2020

Golden State Takes Out the Garbage

The Golden State Warriors have finally been able to ship Stephen Jackson out of town after an ongoing battle between Jackson and head coach Don Nelson. Jackson and guard Acie Law were traded from Golden State to Charlotte for guard Raja Bell and forward Vladimir Radmanovic. Jackson has been doing everything he can to get traded in recent weeks and it was rumored he was intent on heading to either Cleveland or one of the Texas teams. Each of these teams are “winners” and the Bobcats are 3-6 with a lineup not set up for success at this time. The under talented team in conjunction with all the baggage Jackson carries since he is prone to give up if things don’t go his way has me questioning how this is going to be a good fit with Larry Brown and Bobcats? Jackson is owed $28 over the next three seasons after this season which I feel is a contract GM Rod Higgins should have never taken on considering all the factors. Jackson is happy to be out of Golden state today, but the Warriors organization is happier to no longer have this cancer around and in the end Jackson will want out of Charlotte.

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