September 29, 2020

2010 Winter Classic

So if you really need proof that the 2010 NHL Winter Classic is a hot commodity to hockey fans then you need to look no further than the current ticket prices on StubHub. The cheapest ticket on the site currently is $268 a ticket and will score you a piece of concrete in the Standing Room Only section in Fenway Park. A lot of talking heads have been stating that the Winter Classic has been losing recognition in respect to sports importance, but I think the ticket prices alone would say otherwise. Especially when you consider the Flyers are only 18-18-2 and Boston is only 5th right now in the Eastern Conference. The 2010 Winter Classic will be on NBC at 1:00 New Year’s Eve in direct competition with the New Year’s Day bowl games. Like it or not the NHL struck gold with the idea of outside hockey on New Year’s Day.


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