November 24, 2020

Dan Snyder Knows Business

We have been pretty hard on Dan Snyder in the past here at and once we even compared the Redskins owner to Kim Jong. The stats don’t lie that the team itself has been atrocious when you consider since Dannie took over the Skins in ’99, Washington has had only two winning seasons, a playoff victory and haven’t won more than 10 games in a season. Which means Snyder has to be considered one of the worst owners in all of the NFL, right? Well, there is another side to being an owner and Mr. Snyder does a stellar job in this area. The Skins earned $345 million in revenue just last season which is $25 million more than the New York Yankees. The franchise has nearly doubled in value since Snyder purchased the team for $800 million roughly a decade ago. They are now the third most valuable sports team in the world, behind Manchester United and America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys. Snyder may frustrate fans to no end, but if he could just step back and let someone else run the team he could be the most successful owner in professional sports.


  1. Then spend the money on revamping that horrible Offense w/ a Legit QB and some legit WR’s!! Our Offense is poop and Jason Campbell has been given plenty of time to prove his worth — well, his worth sure doesn’t line up with the 3rd most valuable sports team in the world.
    Come on Danny-boy — put up or shut up.

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