September 29, 2020

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are now upon the time of year that all of us have been waiting for since August. Tis the season for bowl games and there is now 32 of them in total in case you have lost count. The first bowl game of the year is a doozie between Fresno State vs Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl. The west coast is representing very well this year in college football because there are at least 13 teams in a bowl that are west of Utah. Don’t forget last year the PAC-10 went 5-0 in bowl games so everyone should show the west coast a little more love.

There are some bowl game head scratchers because how does a 6-6 Florida State get to play in a New years Day game and a 6-6 Michigan State squad play on January 2?

Now on to the non-BCS games you need to watch:

Oregon State vs BYU
Oregon State logo
The Las Vegas Bowl is gradually becoming an early Holiday Bowl type matchup.
You might not know that over the last 5 years there have some very good teams in the bowl game and the games have included NFL stars like Steven Jackson, Marshawn Lynch and Austin Collie who have won MVP of the game. The Beavers and Cougars are two high potent offenses and this will be a very fun pre-Xmas game to watch.

I am betting Over 60 1/2
North Carolina vs Pitt

Both teams have been ranked most of the year and one was in the Top 10 late in
the year. Pitt ended their season with a great game albeit one they ended up losing
to unbeaten and #4 ranked Cincinati 45-44 due to a missed extra point.
After running on a 4-game win streak late in the season with wins over Va Tech,
Miami and BC (all in better bowls) they got their annual wake up call against
arch rival NC State. This game promises to showcase a great freshman running back
from Pitt in Dion Lewis and the Tarheels have an excellent team defense.

I am betting UNC +3
hurricanesposterMiami vs Wisconsin

I like this game because of all the Big 10 and ACC doubters we have throughout the nation these days. Wisconsin always
sneaks in with 9+ wins each year and don’t forget they have played 8 bowl teams this year. They are solid on both sides of the ball and they win by making the opponent turn the ball over. That being said they are in the Big Yawn conference and they only saw one offense like Miami when they played Fresno State in September when they won 34-31 in Madison. The U has played a nice schedule considering they also played 8 bowl teams and they had a win over #8 Georgia Tech. The Canes have great young talent with a solid defense, but still a bit immature. This will be an exciting pre-New Year game.

I am betting Over 57 1/2
Virgina Tech vs Tennessee

Any time you have a Chick-Fil-A Bowl, err Peach Bowl on New years Eve it bodes well with the spirit of the day. Virginia Tech opened their season in the same building losing to #1 Alabama and then went on to play 7 of their next 8 games against bowl teams. The Hokies had wins against Nebraska and Miami, but then lost to Georgia Tech and UNC which pushed them out of the big picture overall. Va Tech is facing a Tennessee team centered in turmoil all year and since the first week of Lane Kiffin’s signing the Volunteers have had a Raider-esque type of season. Players arrested, popping off to Urban Meyer, recruiting issues with hot babes and the list goes on. Tennessee did play well enough to beat Florida and ‘Bama earlier this year plus they should have beaten UCLA and Auburn. Anyway, they end up in a nice bowl game, but I don’t think they come out on top.

I am betting VTech -4 1/2 to cover
Honorable mention games

Cal -3 1/2 over Utah
USC -8 1/2 over BC
Stanford +8 over Oklahoma

We will give our post New years Eve pix next week. Enjoy the greatest time of
the year and Happy Holidays!

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