September 27, 2020

Top 10 Reasons Why it was Time for Bobby Bowden to Retire

The long suspected news finally came true today when Bobby Bowden announced he is retiring as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles. Things got pretty sticky at certain points this year and it was widely known that Bowden was on his way out even though he wanted to continue to coach. Bowden will “coach” Florida State in their bowl game this year and could receive more than a million dollars to walk away from the program. Bowden is the winningest coach in ACC history and at one point Bowden he had one of the most dominant programs in college football history. The Seminoles between 1987 and 2000 finished in the top five every year and also won two national titles.

Took the hint from long time comrade Mickey Andrews.

Randy Shannon.

Isn’t allowed to hire any of his boys to be part of the coaching staff.

The AD told him he could no longer use the word “daggum.”

Urban Meyer.

Bobby gets lost on recruiting trips and it’s usually before he leaves his house.

Florida State officials insisted he must wear a headset on the sidelines during games.

He still wants to take a stab at inventing the wishbone offense.

He doesn’t have a clue where Tallahassee is on a map.

Recruits think he is Jimbo Fisher’s crazy uncle.


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