September 30, 2020

Ugly Stat of the Year in the NFL

In case you didn’t hear last night the Cleveland Browns scored their first rushing touchdown of the season by a running back. Which means it took the Brownies over three months and their 13th game to push the ball across the plane into the end zone while running the ball. That is a revolting 49 meaningless quarters of aimlessly wandering around a football field and never succeeding in one of the most important goals of the game. Take all that into consideration and then factor in the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Cleveland last night 13-6! This comes on the heels of a loss to Raider Nation the week before at Heinz Field. All Terrible Towels must be neatly folded and placed in the closet until the 2010 season.

One other little stat nugget. The Cleveland Browns quarterbacks have completed a TOTAL of 8 passes in their two wins this year. PUKE!


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