October 22, 2020

Aaron Corp Leaving LA

All the news right now at USC focuses on Pete Carroll who is leaving the university to become the next head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Carroll leaving in conjunction with Joe McKnight and Damian Williams declaring for the NFL draft has pretty much buried the news that backup USC quarterback Aaron Corp is transferring to the Richmond Spiders. Corp won the starting position during spring practice, but ultimately lost the starting job to Matt Barkley due to suffering an injury during the preseason. Corp didn’t want to be the backup to Barkley and since he is dropping to I-AA he can play immediately and will have two seasons of eligibility left. Corp is going to do his best to follow the path Joe Flacco laid a few years back. Flacco was at Pittsburgh, but he was stuck behind Tyler Palko so he decided to drop down to I-AA Delaware and he became a huge star.


  1. This rule so much annoys me. I would think that you would have to sit out for going down a division rather than up. I’ve never understood this rule and maybe you can make better sense of it for me.

  2. I can’t make much sense out of it djkmia except the NCAA wants to avoid kids jumping ship from one I-A school to another when they get upset.

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