October 22, 2020

Jim Leavitt Shown the Door

The University of South Florida has fired head football coach Jim Leavitt due to his interactions with a football player in late November. Leavitt allegedly grabbed sophomore defensive back Joel Miller by the throat and later hit him in the face a couple of times during halftime of a game against Louisville. Not only did Leavitt get fired today after the internal investigation, but so did his entire coaching staff which I guess comes as no surprise. Leavitt was the only head coach for South Florida over the last 13 years and just completed the second year of a $12.6 million contract. Leavitt becomes the third head coach along with Mark Mangino and Mike Leach over the last month to be fired due to questionable acts involving their players. The microscope is all over head coaches these days and whether they like it or not you can’t treat players the same way they were treated 15-20 years ago. We are litigious society that has evolved into a PC or bust mindset and I think after these three firings you will see adjustments made by a lot of head coaches moving forward.

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