October 26, 2020

Lane Kiffin’s Arrogance is Despicable

Lane Kiffin has been with USC for all of two weeks yet he has already found enough time to commit a recruiting violation. According to reports from several sources the new head coach of USC decided to pick up a recruit recently from the airport in a limo. While it is only a secondary violation it is just another example that Lane Kiffin thinks he is untouchable. During his reign as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers the football program reported SIX secondary violations and the NCAA is looking into two other possible violations. I’m still amazed this joker is regarded as a top notch coach when you consider how poorly he did with the Raiders and was only 7-6 with the Volunteers. If he didn’t surround himself with the highest paid college coaching staff in the nation it wouldn’t take long at all to find out Lane is a complete fraud. I hope USC is happy with their choice now because I don’t think the happiness will last very long.


  1. dexineffex says

    Lane is a snake in the grass — amazing he not only landed the job but that he’s already pulling those shinanigans. GEESH! Let me guess, he’s using handicap parking tags in his rear view too?

  2. He’s no longer a pledge now for USC Fraternity. He’s a full blown Brother now.

  3. Headline: Lane Kiffin a Bad Joke.

    Recruiting violations aside, Lane Kiffin has NOTHING on his résumé to suggest he’s going to succeed coaching a college football program.

    Kiffin tanked with the NFL’s Raiders and, subsequently led Tennessee to a “sparkling” 7-and-6 season. Wahoo!

    How many of you wish if you did mediocre work for your employers you’d continue to get selected for more prestigious, higher-paying gigs.

    So, the powers that be at USC thought carefully about the situation and, in their collective wisdom, chose Lane Kiffin over all of the proven, highly qualified candidates available. Hmmm…. WHY???

    Word through the grapevine is former head coach, Pete Carroll, found working with current USC athletic director, Mike Garrett, so frustrating, Carroll jumped at the chance when the Seattle job came available.

    So, now we have two knuckleheads–Lane Kiffin and Mike Garrett–shepherding a football program I’ve long loved. Incredible…

    We all know what’s coming; it’s just going to be tough to watch the inevitable decline.

    Breaking news: Kiffin and the staff from Tennessee he’s taking to USC have already been admonished for attempting to lure kids they recruited and signed at Tennessee to change allegiances and come to USC. Stink of this nature follows Kiffin wherever he goes. And where there’s stink, they’re rats.


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