September 29, 2020

The Texas Rangers Have Pop

The Texas Rangers have signed Vladimir Guerrero for $5 million in a wise one-year deal. Vlad will fill the role of designated hitter and will more than likely bat fourth in between Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler. When you also factor in Nelson Cruz and Chris Davis you quickly realize the Rangers could have five guys hit 30 or more homers in 2010. There is a little concern on whether or not Vlad’s back will hold up, but if it does he is well worth a measly $5 million. The Rangers have also picked up pitcher Rich Harden and utility infielder Khalil Greene this offseason and are set to contend with Anaheim and Seattle in the AL West this year.


  1. I thought mark cuban backed out of buying the minority share. When did the rangers start making smart moves?

  2. You may think this is a wise move.. $5M for a potential HOF.. If he was so good this late in his career the Angels would never have let him go. He now gets hurt a lot and in 2009 played only 100 games and had only 15 HRs and 50RBI as well as his usual 19 BBs to 56 K’s. He does own Texas as it is his most favorite team to hit against. We will see how he does as a member of the Rangers

  3. Bruins1 as I referenced in the post he will need to stay healthy in order to make this a “really” good move. In the whole scheme of things $5 million is peanuts so I think the move was worth the shot, but it could backfire.

  4. LOL – good call Buda.

  5. I think the Rangers need to spend the $$ and get a young guy like an Adrian Gonzales instead of signing the Andrew Jones’s and Vlads of the world when they are off the juice. I mean Vlads Slugging % has fallen 100pts since 2004, Walks went way down while K’s went up and the health issue is there with the bad knees.
    The Rangers need to invest in youth. I hope Vlad does well he helped my Angels win a championship

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