September 30, 2020

Top 10 Reasons Why Mike Leach was Fired

Over the last week or so we all have been bombarded by media coverage of the scandal in Lubbock, Texas with Mike Leach, Adam James and the Texas Tech administration. Leach has always been an odd fella and has a strange affection to pirates. Leach decided to use a bizarre tactic to get in the head of wide receiver Adam James and was called on it because it isn’t really common to lock people in sheds or electrical closets. In the end if he would have apologized it sounds like he would have kept his job, but Leach refused and thus he was fired as head football coach of the Red Raiders. Even though that is the story at a very high level we thought we would provide you the top 10 reasons why Mike Leach was fired.

Continuously made threats to Gerald Myers the Athletic Director to walk the plank.

Boosters were tired of him showing up to athletic functions wearing an eye patch with a fake parrot on his shoulder and growling arrrrrgh the entire time.

Continually lobbied to change the team name from the Red Raiders to the Red Beards.

Wanted to build a crow’s nest and a player detention galley as an addition to Tech’s practice facility.

Excessive use of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies as a motivational tactic.

Rewrote the University fight song to the tune of Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum.

Tech’s Board of Regents learned of his plan to join a band of Somali pirates during the upcoming off-season.

University cut him loose so he could puruse his true desire to be the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Was going to demand all players to do the Gotta Little Captain in You pose after every touchdown next year.

Insisted on wearing the red challenge flag as a bandana during games.

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