October 20, 2020

Could Tiger Be Returning Soon?

Now that Tiger Woods is out of sex rehab you knew it was only a matter of time before rumors would start flying around when he will return to the PGA. One report has The Masters pegged as the date Tiger will return to the PGA. Woods is supposed to return to his home in Windmere next week and is reportedly going to play in the Tavistock Cup on March 22nd and 23rd. The Tavistock Cup is a golf tournament that pits professionals from the Isleworth Country Club against the pros from nearby Lake Nona Country Club. All of this is pure speculation at this time, but if The Masters is the actual event Tiger targets for his return then it will be without a doubt one of the most anticipated golf tournaments of all-time.


  1. my bet is he will be back at Arnies tourney

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