October 22, 2020

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champs

That’s right, the Saints will be the champs if you believe in video game predictions. Each year EA Sports simulates the Super Bowl via Madden NFL and believe it or not the simulated winner has ultimately won five of the last six years. This year’s victor is the N’awlins Saints which is quite surprising when you consider most of the media is all over Peyton Manning’s johnson and the Colts. The only prediction Madden NFL missed in the last six years was the Giants victory over the Patties which was one of the bigger upsets in the history of the NFL.

The simulation has the Saints winning 35-31 with Drew Brees winning the MVP after throwing three touchdowns for 299 yards. Brees competition Peyton Manning has a typical Manning game also throwing for three touchdowns plus 322 yards

If this prediction comes true then Bourbon Street could truly experience the absolute biggest party ever held in the French Quarter.

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