September 24, 2020

The Big Dance Could Be Getting Bigger

The NCAA rumor mill has churned out a juicy morsel and it will be interesting to see if it actually turns out to be true. Sources have stated it’s a “done deal” that the NCAA basketball tournament will be even bigger and badder than the current 65-team field and it could happen as quickly as next year. The expansion will result in either a 68-team event or an eye-popping 96-team tournament. The NCAA supposedly is going to make the move in order to sign a long lucrative contract with a network or host of networks and 96 teams makes the tournament even more appealing. Currently the NCAA has three years left on their contract worth $2.131 billion, but they do have the ability to opt-out before August 31st.

If the tournament does expand to 96 teams it really concerns me on a few fronts. First and foremost, it would drastically dilute the field and allow some real dogs to make the tournament that don’t deserve to be there and won’t have a shot at winning the championship. Secondly, I’m concerned the expanded field will really take away from the regular season. Currently you need to be on your game every night or you won’t be enjoying the thrill of playing on national TV in the middle of March. If they allow another 32 teams in you will without a doubt see teams take nights off in the regular season yet still make the Big Dance with a 17-13 record. Also if the NCAA is going to extend the tournament even more, which will cause players to miss more class, how can it continue to justify not having a college football playoff?



  1. can they do it this year so UCLA can participate?

  2. I read this as the NCAA saying they want the entire ACC in the tourney every season

  3. Grammer Man says


    Nice post except for the word “supposively” should be Supposedly.

    Sometimes words get to big and it Can be trouble, but not tHe ncAa Tourney, I Say the biggEr the better.

  4. Thanks for the note Grammer Man.

  5. I think they should increase the tournament to 96 teams. This year the A-Ten is probably the 3rd or 4th best conference in the country and should bet 5-6 teams in the big dance. However, the so called “major” conferences won’t let that happen.

  6. I agree the A-10 is loaded this year and I think 5 will easily make the tourney. Lunardi has five in right now and he rarely misses. Thanks for the comment A-Ten Man.

  7. Kansas JayHawks are definitely winning this March Madness. Ill bet the farm. They have improved so well since last season. this is their year!

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