October 19, 2019

MLB Salaries on Opening Day

Today Major League Baseball kicks into high gear with 26 teams taking the field after the Red Sox defeated the Yankees last night 9-7 in a wild game. According to the USA TODAY the salaries of MLB players on opening-day rosters has decreased drastically by 17% since last year. This is the biggest dip in salaries since the survey began over 20 years ago in 1988. The main reason for the fall is directly correlated to the economy, but some teams decided to let high priced players sign with the usual suspects. The Boston Red Sox spared no cost boosting their payroll 33% percent over last year and the Evil Empire (Yankees) increased 2%. Believe it or not, the payroll for the Yankees’ has ballooned to six times that of the Pittsburgh Pirates and their starting infield will earn more than 16 teams in MLB. How can Bud Selig and all the other artifacts running baseball not realize this is a serious issue?

Oh yea, and PLAY BALL!

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