October 25, 2020

Bruce Carter Super Sized

UNC Tar Heels outside linebacker Bruce Carter is rated the number-one player in his position by many scouting sites heading into his senior season. Carter is a complete specimen considering he can bench 440 pounds, has a 40 ½ vertical and can run a 4.39 40 at 6’3 240 pounds. “Bruuuuuce” can be seen regularly running the Keenan Stadium steps with 60-pound bags of cement on him so he must have an incredible diet. Well, that is what one would think, but Bruce recently divulged what is included in is daily diet regimen. “I eat a lot of McDonald’s and fast foods, but I do work out real hard … Almost every day. I usually get three double cheeseburgers, medium fries, large tea and a six-piece McNuggets. I don’t think eating healthy as far as eating salads and that stuff really works for me.”

I personally don’t know how long the Super Size Me diet will work for Bruce, but I’m pretty sure no one is complaining in Chapel Hill right now. Carter, DT Marvin Austin, DE Robert Quinn, ILB Quan Sturdivant, FS Deunta Williams and CB Kendrick Burney are by far the best defense in the ACC and quite possibly the best in the NCAA.


  1. dexineffex says

    Excellent, unbiased coverage of Bruce Carter. Thanks for the coverage and respect StoneCold! From a UNC perspective, should be one of those hold your breath seasons — just hope we dont get our self-inflated bubble burst too early in the season.

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