April 1, 2020

Vuvuzelas Gone Wild

If you have watched a World Cup game in the past week you have without a doubt noticed the ominous bee swarm sound surrounding the TV coverage. The sound you hear actually isn’t the largest swarm of bees to ever sync up rather they are horns called vuvuzelas which are a South African staple at soccer games. These funny looking horns emit 127 decibels which exceeds 125 decibels the threshold for human pain. While most spectators are thoroughly disgusted with the noise pollution two earplug suppliers from South Africa are reaping the benefits in a major way. Sheppard Medical and Ear Plugs Online have sold almost a half million since last Friday and there is still over three weeks to go. Even if ESPN or other networks try to filter out the pollution for TV coverage the earplug companies should have no problem peddling their goods due to those lovely vuvuzelas.

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