September 28, 2020

Pirates Ownership is Fraudulent

The Pittsburgh Pirates, currently the worst professional sports organization, wrapped up yet another losing season over the weekend in a series against the Mets. The Pirates have now recorded 18 straight losing seasons and they are getting worse rather than better. The 41-83 Pirates recently opened up their financials to local media and the numbers are shocking when you consider the product on the field. In the last three years the organization has raked in over $34 million in large part to MLB and the revenue sharing plan. Owners of a team that haven’t been above .500 since 1992 have decided to screw the city of Pittsburgh and laugh all the way to the bank. Team President Frank Coonelly and the Nutting family are exploiting what is obviously broken in baseball and why the popularity of the sport continues to wane. If a salary cap for Major League Baseball isn’t instituted, minimum and maximum, this issue will continue to get worse and America’s past time will become America’s joke!

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