May 8, 2021

…and Jimmer is his name-o

Last night #9 BYU took on #4 San Diego State who were at the time 20-0. BYU took down the Aztecs 71-58, but the bigger hype after the game was around BYU’s star player Jimmer Fredette. Yes, Jimmer.  All Jimmer did was shoot 14 of 24 from outside including 5 of 8 from 3 three-point land with most beyond the NBA line. Fredette also went 10-11 from the line and scored 43 of BYU’s 71 which is impressive to say the least.

Jimmer is averaging 28 points-per-game while hitting 42% of his 3’s and is leading the Cougars to one of their best seasons ever. This is one of the best pure shooting guards since Stephen Curry and his skills are unmatched by anyone in college today yet Kemba Walker and Jared Sullinger are still the most talked about for Player of the Year.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Jimmer play yet I highly suggest you do because it is a real treat!

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