October 20, 2020

Has Fishing Gone BALCO?

In our current days of PED’s, the Clear and steroids could it be that even fishing has followed in the infamous steps of Barry Bonds and A-Rod? On September 5th, a Saskatchewan fisherman named Sean Konrad caught a 48-pound, world-record rainbow trout from Lake Diefenbaker. The problem is Lake Diefenbaker houses trout that were genetically engineered to grow extra-big and escaped from a fish farm nine years ago.


The previous world record was also caught from Lake Diefenbaker in 2007. Coincidentally the fisherman that caught the 43 pound, 10-ounce trout was none other than Sean’s twin brother Adam. Sean’s fish sparked major debate over the legitimacy of genetically-engineered rainbows from Lake Diefenbaker. The farm-born trout’s are also known as triploids. Triploids are created with three sets of chromosomes which make the fish sterile and allows them to channel their energies towards growth rather than reproducing.

The fishing purists are all up in arms over this issue and word is they won’t be voting either of the brothers for the Hall of Fame.