November 24, 2020

My Annual BCS Rant

Can someone please tell me why the Coaches’ poll is still a staggering 1/3 of the BCS formula? Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel voted Florida 3rd which was ahead of TCU, Boise and Cincy plus Les Miles on his final ballot slotted unbeaten Cincinnati 8th and the 2-loss Ohio State Buckeyes 5th. If we have to continue to put up with this extremely flawed system than can we please adjust the weight of the Coaches’ poll since some of the coaches don’t care and it’s even been determined they sometimes have someone else vote for them. These coaches eat, sleep and drink their own team and many times don’t catch hardly any other football across the nation.

Here are some other examples of how flawed the coaches’ poll is in my opinion.
> The head coach of Air Force ranked Florida second.
> Three coaches had TCU 5th and this is a team that went undefeated and had the third toughest schedule in the country.
> Two Big East coaches ranked Cincinnati 2nd, but seven coaches ranked the Bearcats 6th.
> Nine coaches voted Texas 3rd, and the head coach of Louisiana-Monroe had the Longhorns 4th.
> And in one of the most asinine ballots of all you only need to look at Missouri’s head coach who had three 2-loss teams ranked (Penn State, Oregon, Ohio State) ahead of unbeaten Boise. He also had two-loss Penn State ahead of Iowa and Iowa beat them at Penn State.

Coaches are going to vote on conference lines due to money they will receive on the backend so why even keep the Coaches’ poll in the mix?