January 20, 2021

Rickey Henderson’s Hall of Fame Speech

There was a lot of anticipation around Rickey Henderson’s acceptance speech into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame this past weekend in Cooperstown, New York. Some people were even touting it as potentially the best acceptance speech to ever be given on the hallowed grounds of baseball’s all-time greats. In my opinion it was excruciating to listen to so we offer you a condensed video version because it becomes irritating very quickly. Rickey toned down his extreme arrogance for the acceptance speech, but his grasp of the English language leaves a lot to be desired. I do dig the all white suit though!

Stats of the Day – April 28th, 2009

* The Denver Nuggets beat the New Orleans Hornets last night by the largest margin ever on the road in a NBA playoff game. The Nuggets won by a whopping 58 points via a 121-63 win.

* The Atlanta Hawks won their first playoff game on the road in 12 years last night in Miami with a 81-71 victory. The victory ended a slide where the Hawks got pounded by 132 in their last five playoff road games.

* The Chicago Blackhawks won their first playoff series in 13 years last night with a 4-1 victory over the Calgary Flames. The Blackhawks closed out the series 4-2 and they will face the Vancouver Canucks in the next round.

* The Boston Red Sox have won 11 straight games while the Florida Marlins have now lost 7 in a row.