October 28, 2020

USC/Bengals Maualuga Faces DUI Charge

Here is a prime example of pure stupidity.  We always ask each other, “With all the money professional players make, why don’t they get a driver or at the very last get a taxi?”

Police in northern Kentucky have arrested Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga on charges of DUI and careless driving. Maualuga decided to test his slalom skills with a parking meter and two parked cars earlier this morning in his 2003 Pontiac.  A 2003 Pontiac? C’mon Rey a 2003 Pontiac? Did you purposively drive this hooptie because you knew you were going to get straight plowed and would end up wrecking your ride?

Maualuga was almost two times the legal limit and he is nursing a broken ankle that happened in Week 16 against the Chiefs. Now, for the final two questions. You are from southern California and your season is over so what in the blue hell are you are still doing in Kentucky? Duuuuude, WTF?

Larry Johnson to Visit the Bengals

Reports are emerging that former Chief running back Larry Johnson is going to visit with the Cincinnati Bengals in the coming days. Lewis did confirm the Bengals will be talking with Johnson, but if they did sign him it would only be for a backup role and Johnson would actually be fourth on the depth chart. I guess Lewis felt it was important to make this point considering Cedric Benson the starting running back was hurt yesterday against the Steelers and it is unclear at this time if he will be able to play this weekend against the Oakland Raiders. I know the Bengals are having an excellent year (so good I’m not calling them the Bungles currently), but do they really need another bad character in that locker room? You can rest assured if Johnson does sign with the Bengals it will no doubt be time to pop some champagne.

Domata Peko Needs a Trim

Is anyone else annoyed by the runaway hairdo that lives underneath Peko’s helmet? I want so bad for someone to go bananas with some clippers on the furry beast that has set up camp on his head. I’m serious that I’m more than willing to pay any takers. Anyone game?

Ocho Kicko

The Bengals were on the road last night and their All Pro kicker Shayne Graham tweaks his groin so as a precaution they sit him the rest of the game without another kicker on the roster. What would you do if you were head coach Marvin Lewis in that position? Well, you would ask Chad Ochocinco to kick the extra point, DUH. Check out this video of Chad booting the extra point through the uprights in an impressive manner and ultimately winning the game for the Bungles against the Patriots. He also kicked off to begin the second half and came very close to the 10-yard line. I got a strong feeling we will hear some chatter from Ocho on this latest feat.

Chad Johnson Gets New Ink

Chad Johnson is never dull and even in the offseason he makes sure he is not forgotten by the public. Ocho Cinco decided to get himself a couple of new tattoos and to follow in the steps of Mike Tyson he tatted his face. Now it isn’t quite as drastic as “Iron Mike”, but they are on his face nonetheless. Johnson must really like his home state of Florida to have it permanently inked on his face! I have no idea what the next antic for Ocho Cinco will be, but I can assure you it will be something that gets people talking.

Chad Johnson tattoos

Chad Johnson tattoos

Bungles at it again

We have been banging on the Cincinnati Bengals for the last two years or so due to all the arrests and problems they have experienced off the field. The Bungles have made many statements reccently about how they are cleaning up their act, but how are we supposed to believe that with their most recent signing? Keep in mind they still have Chris “The consistent convict” Henry on their squad and now they sign Tank “I got guns” Johnson. It is comical to me how poorly run this team is so if you want to hire Tank after a run of 10 arrests in a 14 month period then so be it. I just hope you don’t expect anyone to take you seriously and better yet just know you are fighting with the Lions and the Raiders for the a$$ end of the NFL.