October 20, 2020

The Desperate Magic

It’s no secret Orlando has been struggling considering they have lost six of their last seven games and are 16-10 overall. Dwight Howard hasn’t been pleased with the Magic’s lackluster start to the season so over the weekend management reacted in a big way. Rashard Lewis was traded to the Wizards for Glibert Arenas straight up and then Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus and Marcin Gortat were traded to the Suns for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark. Never forget that Howard could become a free agent in 2012 so something had to be done or Howard could become miffed and want out like LeBron, Carmelo, and Bosh.

The Magic went to the Finals in 2009 because Howard was surrounded by three-point shooters like Pietrius, Lewis, Redick, and Turkoglu. Since then Lewis has gone downhill quickly, Pietrus hasn’t progressed and the Vince Carter acquisition didn’t work. Only time will tell, but this move could pay off very well for the Magic and they could be true contenders for the Eastern Conference title.

Kobe King of Jersey Sales

Kobe Bryant is offically the most popular jersey in the NBA for the second year in a row. The list is formulated by the overall sales from NBAstore.com and the brick and mortar NBA Store located in the Big Apple. This might come as a surprise to many of you, but the two stores are having record years in respect to sales so the NBA does actually still have fans based on these numbers.

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to be the most popular team in respect to merchandise sales and have now been at the top for seven out of the last eight years. The Celtics, Cavs, Bulls and Knickerbockers round out the top five NBA squads that move merchandise.

Thirteen of the top fifteen players qualified for the 2010 Playoffs with only Chris Paul and David Lee not making the postseason. I do find it surprising that Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash didn’t make the list, but I guess they are getting older.

1. Kobe Bryant – Lakers
2. LeBron James – Cavs
3. Kevin Garnett – Celtics
4. Derrick Rose – Bulls
5. Dwight Howard – Magic
6. Dwyane Wade – Heat
7. Chris Paul – Hornets
8. Paul Pierce – Celtics
9. Kevin Durant – Thunder
10. Carmelo Anthony – Nuggets
11. Nate Robinson – Knicks/Celtics
12. David Lee – Knicks
13. Brandon Roy – Trail Blazers
14. Pau Gasol – Lakers
15. Rajon Rondo – Celtics

The Lakers Missing Link is a DJ

When the Lakers take the floor tonight in search of their 15th World Championship I expect them to throw the kitchen sink at Dwight Howard especially after Phil Jackson’s comments a couple months ago when he stated he would rather have Howard on his team instead of LeBron James. The key to the series is to not allow Howard to score inside the paint and to force him out of the key where he is not nearly as dominate. Phil will have three seven-footers to throw at the beast known as Dwight Howard. Yes, there is a third Laker above 7-foot. His Delta Chi name is D.J. Mbenga. act_dj_mbenga Mbenga has only played in 23 games this year and is averaging 2.7 points a game and 1.3 rebounds. Needless to say he hasn’t been an integral part of the Lakers squad, but that will all change in this series. Mbenga’s greatest achievements to date happened back in the 2006 playoffs. D.J. played for the Dallas Mavericks and Avery Johnson’s wife was being disturbed by some fans and Mbenga reportedly went into the stands with owner Mark Cuban to help usher Mrs. Johnson to the locker room. Because of this ace he was ultimately suspended for 6 games without pay for entering the stands.

So, to wrap things up I think the missing link in the Finals coming to you by way of the Congo and now pimping a Laker jersey is D.J. Mbenga. Between Gasol, Bynum and Mbenga they will have plenty of fouls to put Dwight Howard on the line where he hits a paltry 55%.

My prediction is the Lakers in five because they have the big bodies that Cleveland didn’t have to throw at Howard.