July 13, 2020

Heisman Watch 2010 Update

#1 Cameron Newton: Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators secretly have to wishing they didn’t suspend Newton for stealing a laptop back in 2008. Newton has rushed for 562 yards and 10 TD’s in just his last three SEC games and has led the Auburn Tigers to a #5 ranking in the country. Cam plays LSU this week and Bama in a month so if he continues to shine he will be your Heisman winner.

#2 LaMichael James: LaMichael is averaging 169.6 rushing yards a game so far and is a major component in the nation’s top offense. Oregon will need to stay undefeated through the entire regular season in order to have a shot because east coast voters will look elsewhere.

#3 Kellen Moore: Moore’s biggest issue is that he keeps getting pulled from games. Moore was 14/16 and threw for 231 yards along with two touchdowns this past week. Kellen has thrown 16 touchdowns and 1 interception which is an impressive ratio. Boise absolutely needs to go undefeated or Moore can kiss any chance he has at the Heisman goodbye.

#4 Andrew Luck: Luck is back in the picture because other candidates have fallen out of the race for now. He seems to be the clear cut number-one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and is on pace for 3,000+ yards passing and at least 30 touchdowns.

#5 Landry Jones: Oklahoma is at the top of the BCS rankings and will remain as long as they don’t lose. Landry is averaging almost 300 yards a game passing and has 14 touchdowns and only three interceptions on the year. Does anyone remember former Sooner QB Jason White from a few years ago???

Goodbye to Denard Robinson and Mark Ingram.

Heisman Watch 2010

#1 Denard Robinson: Denard Robinson has superior speed along with the incredible ability to cut back in an instant. Through five games (technically 4 ½) Denard has rushed the ball 98 times for 905 yards and eight touchdowns and has passed for 1,008 yards and seven touchdowns. Robinson has led two game-winning touchdown drives already and has Big Blue back on the college football map.

#2 LaMichael James: James has rushed the ball 89 times for 732 and is averaging a little over 185 yards a game. LaMichael is the focal point behind what could be the best offense in the country and the Ducks are currently ranked #3 overall in the country.

#3 Cameron Newton: Newton has led the Auburn Tigers to the #8 ranking in the country which is very impressive when you consider they weren’t predicted to be a factor in the SEC preseason. He has thrown for 928 yards and 12 touchdowns while running for another 474 and 5 TD’s. Auburn still has to get through Arkansas and LSU at home, but if they can roll into their November 26th matchup against Alabama undefeated Newton could be the leading candidate for the Heisman.

#4 Mark Ingram: Ingram is be the best running back in the country, but Trent Richardson is taking too many possible carries from him. Couple that with the fact Ingram missed the first two games of the year and you have a mountain I’m not even sure Ingram can climb.

#5 Kellen Moore: Kellen will be in the picture all year because he plays for America’s beloved Boise State Broncos. If Robinson was to get hurt, sentiment could start to swing toward Moore as a legitimate candidate. Moore currently has a touchdown to interception ratio of 11-1 and has thrown for 1069 yards.