October 25, 2020

2007 QB Draft Class Officially Blows

Yesterday the Buffalo Bills straight up released Trent Edwards from the roster which was a little surprising even though he has been abysmal over the last couple of years. The 2007 crop of quarterbacks might go down as the worst ever when you consider the players drafted and what they are up to now. Check out this list: 1) JaMarcus “Biggest Bust Ever” Russell who is out of the league; 22) Brady Quinn who couldn’t play in Cleveland and won’t play in Denver; 36) Kevin Kolb has had three total starts; 40) John Beck drafted by Miami and now is a third stringer in DC; 43) Drew Stanton is generally the third stringer in Motown; 92) and finally Trent Edwards. FAIL!

The JaMarcus Project Might Be Over

I believe things are actually looking up in Oakland these days and it has been years since that was the case for the Raiders. All indications point to former overall #1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell getting released in the near future which really isn’t surprising considering he has been an gigantic bust. Russell held out in 2007 until after the season began before finally signing a $68 million contract that guaranteed him $31.5. JaMarcus has a career completion percentage of 52%, 18 touchdowns with 23 interceptions and was mercifully benched last year so Bruce Gradkowski could take over as the Raiders starting quarterback. Russell finished the 2009 campagin with the lowest completion percentage, fewest passing touchdowns, fewest passing yards and the lowest quarterback rating among qualifying quarterbacks in the NFL

A report from an inside source states Russell has now ballooned to 300 pounds which will more than likely be the final blow to his career in Oakland. The Raiders acquired Jason Campbell over the weekend and signed him to a one-year extension so they definitely feel he has potential to be their everyday starter. Couple that with the presence of Bruce Gradkowski, Charlie Frye and Kyle Boller and you have to think JaMarcus is the odd man out.